Monday, January 12, 2015

A Snicker of Magic

Natalie Lloyd’s A Snicker of Magic made me breathe a sigh of relief.

Finally, a really great middle grade novel that’s also got read-aloud potential.

Several recent (and really good) middle grade novels are written in multiple perspectives, which makes them tough to read aloud—unless you’re Jim Dale. Not to diminish the wonderfulness of books like Wonder by R.J. Palaccio or Schooled by Dan Gutman, but they are tough read-alouds, at least when read aloud by me.

A Snicker of Magic is different. Here’s a read-aloud to sink your teeth into, particularly if you have a trace of a southern accent. 

Factofabulous: this book is meant to be read out loud by ordinary people. PLUS it’s full of sparkling writing, made-up words that should be real, a whole town I want to visit if I could just find it on the map, delicious ice cream, and characters you’ll want to get to know.

Not only that, it’s a great story that meets my Newbery-Worthy Criteria all around.

Look for Snicker and try reading its first pages aloud. You'll be hooked. One suggestion: have a quart of your favorite ice cream on hand as a reward when your voice gets tired.