Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Terrific Thanksgiving Picture Book

Take it from Irving Morris Bear: Read One Terrific Thanksgiving!!

One great thing about libraries is the opportunity they present for chance encounters with great stories. Here’s a wonderful Thanksgiving Picture Book Treat from the way-way-backlist that I discovered at Sherborn Library:

One Terrific Thanksgiving, written by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (of Nate the Great fame), charmingly illustrated by Lilian Obligado and published back in 1985 by Holiday House.

Irving Morris Bear lives in an apartment in the city. As illustrated by Obligado, the apartment isn’t a home decorator’s dream but it IS a food-lover’s paradise. Irving has seventeen cupboards and eight fridges crammed into his place—all to hold his most precious possessions.

Irving Morris Bear and a few of his fridges

“There might be somebody else who loves food as much as I do,” he thought, “but I don’t know who.”

Irving’s buddies Sabra, Thurp, and Renata Jean live in the same building. 

Ahh! City living...Renata Jean lives next door. Tharp is downstairs, and Sabra is up one flight, dangling an apple for Irving. It's sort of like that TV show Friends, but with bears.

All is well until Irving shops for Thanksgiving and must find a way to prevent himself from pre-eating the feast. His solution: asking his buddies to hide his favorite Thanksgiving foods in their apartments.

“Don’t tell me where they are. Even if I get down on my paws and knees and beg.”

“You can depend on us,” said Renata Jean. “You can beg until you’re blue in the face, but we won’t buckle under.”

Irving has some issues. He doesn’t just beg—he tears his friends’ apartments apart. Luckily, he has a strong support group. “Even when you have food on your brain, you have goodness in your heart,” says Renata Jean.

Irving’s neighbors perform an “intervention” to make sure he has his priorities straight. In the end, he’s forced to conclude that:

“I have many things to be thankful for, but marshmallows, honey cakes, and cranberry sauce are not at the top of my list.”

To find out what he IS thankful for, you’ll just have to search for and read the book, or look below:

 A great read-aloud for kindergarten through second grade--and possibly for all of us, if only to prevent us from obsessing about food...and forgetting that friendship comes first.

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