Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Secrets of Eastcliff-by-the-Sea

Eileen Beha's newest book feels old-fashioned, in all the best ways.

The Secrets of Eastcliff-by-the-Sea is a brand-new novel for ages 8 to 12 that’s wonderfully old-fashioned. It’s got all the elements of a good family read-aloud: absolutely adorable sock monkeys (especially the one named Throckmorton), a coastal Maine setting, and a determined young girl.

Annaliese is desperate to get to the bottom of a mystery: why did her mother leave when she was a toddler and why has she never come back to the hulking old mansion at Eastcliff-by-the-Sea?

Throckmorton is a handmade sock monkey. Like all of his kind, he is:

A very good listener.
And he’[s] never—not even once!—stopped smiling.

Lately, however, he’s been neglected by his human, Annaliese. To make sure he’s not consigned to the bottom of a toy box, Throckmorton must do something extraordinary.

Author Eileen Beha (Tango:The Tale of an Island Dog) brings these parallel storylines together, spinning a compelling tale of smiling sock monkeys and secrets revealed. With plenty of suspense, plot twists, and a houseful of relatives, this novel is bursting with appeal.

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