Monday, April 7, 2014


April has arrived, and with it National Poetry Month.

This year, I’ve been inspired by three things:

1)The wonderful almost accidental poetry created by gathering children’s books and reading the spines, aka Spine Poetry.

and 3) Reviews of suburban restaurants on Yelp.

Is it possible, I wondered, to create poetry (accidental or otherwise) by splicing and dicing restaurant reviews?

Is there poetry in the suburbs—or at least in the quickly texted reviews of Mexican and Indian restaurants? Could there be such a thing as YELP-POETRY?

If the answer is yes, here are the main ingredients: short lines taken from actual Yelp reviews of suburban somethings (restaurants, gymnastics studios, whatever), plus a dash of creativity.

My first effort in YELP-POETRY, below, is from reviews of my favorite suburban Indian place, Dosa Temple, and a dimly lit, yet well reviewed Mexican restaurant in the burb of Framingham called Pupusas y Tacos Donia Sofia. 

“Pupusas y Tacos Dosa Temple”

No frills.
Simple, fresh, delicious food. Freshly painted.
This would be my only knock.
Their pessarattu-upma is very delicious.
Whole ears of corn, and other delights.
Doughnut shaped vada - very good.
Plus it's on my walk home from work, so bonus points.
It was more than enough and we left feeling full and happy.
I would defiantly come back!

Please, defiantly, send me your Yelp-Poetry in honor of National Poetry Month.

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