Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Harvest of Picture Books: Bugs in My Hair!

It’s fall. Leaves are turning. Farmers are gathering their last harvests. And kids are going back to school…

…which, of course, also means that the lice are back.

If you’ve ever struggled with a  lice outbreak, you’re going to love David Shannon’s new picture book Bugs in My Hair! 

The story is shorter (and thus more accessible) than his recent picture storybook Jangles: A BIG Fish Story. The artwork is less chaotic yet just as entertaining as that in Shannon’s classic No, David!

Shannon excels at portraying the lice in the young narrator’s hair. Their facial expressions are priceless.

What the lice are doing when they're not sucking your blood.
I almost felt some sympathy for the nasty little critters, until Mom pulled out her “battle-tested anti-lice weapons” and set to work.

If you go looking for Shannon’s book, be aware that Catherine Stier has written another book with nearly the same title. Her Bugs in My Hair?!, published by Albert Whitman and Company in 2008, is a very thorough and altogether more serious take on the topic. Illustrator Tammie Lyon has a few cute close-ups of lice, but they don’t quite possess the personality of a David Shannon louse.

Coming next week: A harvest of picture books about...veggies!


  1. I went looking for this book, and was surprised to find that Barnes & Noble had shelved it in the "Kids Health" section, far away from picture books at my local store. Just an FYI for anyone who wants it!

  2. Well, I guess I can see what the folks at B&N were thinking, but hopefully they'll order enough copies so they can shelve in both the new picture book area (face-out so everyone can see the cute louse on the cover) and the "health" section.