Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blue is the new...

In children’s and young adult fiction, blue is the new cover color of the day.

Fashions are constantly changing in cover art. Just take a look at elementary school librarian Travis Jonker’s blog 100 Scope Notes to see how dated some Newbery Award-winning books look today—and how those same covers could get a fashion update.

What’s fascinating to me is a recent trend away from photo illustrated covers and toward simple drawings on a blue background. We saw it last year with the Printz Award winning title Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley. (Note the ample empty blue space left for round award stickers.)

This year, it’s true with John Green’s young adult love story The Fault in Our Stars (reviewed here by the story slinger)and for R. J. Palacio’s middle grade novel Wonder. I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb if I predict that Fault has plenty of room on the cover for a Printz Award sticker, and Wonder has the perfect spot (lower right corner) for a glowing round Newbery in silver or gold.

See a pattern here? Blue is the new…

- book designer’s choice when covering great middle grade and young adult fiction

- practically perfect background on which to slap a gold or silver award medal

-splashy, sunny accent to hold in one’s hands while wearing fall fashions

-easy-to-spot color for books facing out on shelves or standing tall on top of display cases.

If they’re that easy to pick out and look that good with what you’re wearing, then you have no excuse. Get your hands on The Fault in Our Stars or Wonder today.

Watch the story slinger for a review of Wonder coming soon.


  1. I agree, Gwenyth. Blue is the new trend. My book Unforgettable has a blue cover, too. So I'm glad it's fashionable. I've read both The Fault in our Stars and Wonder - terrific reads and on my mock list for awards.

  2. LIAR & SPY might need some creative rearranging of the type to fit in a Newbery medal, but otherwise it fits the blue sky cover profile: Cool blue cover. Great read.