Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Tale of Two Cakes

My recent book-signing at the Red Balloon Bookshop was great fun—especially when you judge it by the cake.

Here’s the cake for Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Voices before I started reading and answering questions.

Here it is after we all got done with the conversation and the book signing (and well after closing).

This was my best event ever in terms of drawing the book’s target market, by which I mean potential readers.

I did a quick count:

Fifth graders: 3
Sixth graders: 1
Seventh graders: 5
There was also a recent kindergarten graduate.

That’s pretty good for a Friday night at the end of the school year.  What’s more, they had great questions and made the event lively and fun.

Clearly, they also ate a lot of cake. Still, there was a little bit left to take home for breakfast the next day.


Thank you to everyone who attended, to those who sent good wishes, and to all of you at Red Balloon for hosting the event.

If you'd still like to get a signed copy, there are several at Red Balloon. And if you need me to personalize it, I'll be in town through June 25 and am happy to stop in the store to add a personal note.

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  1. The cake was delicious (I had a piece), but your talk and reading was even better! What a great event!