Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Are Invited

Have you ever seen something that made you want to sit down and write? In my case, I saw a place: Ellis Island. 

The Registry Room at Ellis Island

It seemed so full of stories I could almost hear them, whispered in corners or half-heard behind closed doors.

On Friday, I'll be sharing some of those stories. They've made their way into my latest book Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Voices (Calkins Creek/Boyds Mills Press). It's a collection of fictional vignettes and photographs covering the long history of Ellis Island.

To celebrate the book's publication, we're throwing a party at Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul. 

The party starts at seven o'clock in the evening with a brief reading, time for questions, and then cake.

Please join me if you can. I'm looking forward to slinging stories and handing out a few door prizes. Bring your own stories of Ellis Island to share. My kids are coming too, not so much for the stories but for the cake.

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