Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sixth Grade says, “Read this, or else!” Part Two

Circulation has closed at the middle school library where I work, but recently the sixth grade students were in to visit. Their assignment was to tell us all what they plan to read over summer break and/or give mini reviews and recommendations of books we all need to read—or else.

Most of their book picks are in a previous post. But, at the risk of tooting my own horn, I’ve got to mention one last student recommendation.

At the end of the class hour, one student walked up to me and said, “Would you mind signing this? It was my favorite book when I was young.”

The really super cool thing about this? She was holding out her own copy of Chig and the Second Spread (Delacorte Press), my novel for young readers.

The really fun thing about this? She even looks a tiny bit like Chig!

The very humbling thing about this? She liked the book enough to get over any shyness and actually ask me for a personal signature.

The second very humbling  (but fun) thing? She made me feel even more ancient than usual when she said Chig was her favorite book when she was young.

I signed “from your sixth grade librarian…with warm wishes.”


Postscript: This sixth grade library lady is trying to clean out her closet. If you would like a signed copy of Chig and the Second Spread, I am sending out free ones to the first six blog readers to email me. To do this, you will need to go to my website (the link is to your right) and then click on "email"at the bottom of the page. Sorry to make it complicated, but this way I avoid spammers.

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