Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Launched!!!

I'm taking a break today from my ongoing series of posts on Why the World Still Needs Editors. Instead, I'm celebrating the launch of my newest book, Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Voices. 

My touristy shot of the Registry Room at Ellis Island.
It's one of several photos I took that are featured in the book.

There have already been some very nice reviews for Hope and Tears in PW (Hooray, it's a star!) and Kirkus. But the icing on the cake is today's feature at the Children's Literature Network, part of a brand-new feature in CLN's online magazine called "Just Launched."

It's another example of the great work that the folks at CLN do to get the word out about books for young readers. 

Thanks again to Vicki and Steve and the rest of the CLN crew.

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