Friday, March 23, 2012

Cold fear clutched my stomach...

Ah, springtime… Allergies (oh, my head!) and Young Author Conferences (hurrah!).

This spring, I’ve already taught writing to the wonderful fourth through eighth graders who gathered at Bethel University in Arden Hills on the nineteenth. More sessions will follow in May.

With just this one day of teaching behind me, I am definitely looking forward to all the Young Authors that spring will bring. These students (usually hand-picked by schools and always extremely eager and talented) show amazing ability and desire to improve and learn.

In my sessions this year, we wrote first-person stories inspired by photographs. To get the ball rolling, we worked as a group on one story, and here’s the photo we used.

Don’t you already want to start writing down her story? Here’s the gripping, nail-biter (complete with soda) that one group of kids wrote:

Cold fear clutched my stomach as the robber drew nearer and nearer.

“I’m scared!” I cried out.

Suddenly the robber stopped coming toward me, went to the fridge, and grabbed a soda. He slowly drew a gun from his pocket.

“BANG!” The robber shot the gun at the soda to open it, but he missed and hit a gallon of milk.

“I don’t like milk,” he mumbled. “I prefer Dr. Pepper. Would you like one?”

He went to get a rag, and I drank some milk. It was the first I had eaten in two days. But soon I found out it wasn’t milk, it was poison! I blacked out…

To be continued (by you, if you choose).

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  1. YIKES! What a beginning.

    The Young Authors project sounds like great fun.