Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Box of Books!

Hello! It's a new book!

What’s better than this?

It’s a box of books, landing on my doorstep.

It’s fresh from the printer, so the books have that not-quite-dried-ink scent. 


What’s more, the books are free. 

Or at least they’re a hard-won & much appreciated provision of the author contract.

And like all books, they always look better in print than they do in the author’s wildest dreams.


Smells good.

Looks good.

And it’s free. 

Is there anything better than this?

Behold the comp copies of
World War I: An Interactive Adventure (Capstone Press)


  1. No, there is nothing better than free books! Congratulations and thanks for sharing - I can almost smell them myself.

  2. Congratulations, Gwenyth! What's better than the books? Sharing the joy! That's happened to me once... I'm happy for you. --Terry H.