Monday, December 5, 2011

Hugo, in print and 3-d

Sixth graders are great. On a recent visit to my library, they said:
  • Hugo, the movie, is good, just not as good as the book.
  • The changes the people (guess that’s Martin Scorsese) made to the story were bad, like making the grown-up stationmaster more important in the movie. Why? Who cares about him?
  • Those who had read Wonderstruck, Brian Selznick’s latest illustrated novel, were thrilled that part of the story takes place in Gunflint, MN, but said that there were “some things that couldn’t happen.” (That’s sixth grader talk for “implausible elements.”) Still, it’s pretty good, too.
  • Both books were—according to what is admittedly a small sampling of the world’s sixth graders—nice and thick but really fast to read. 

Thank you, Brian Selznick, for nurturing the literary critic in every twelve-year-old soul. 

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